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Getting the right equipment for a podcast can easily turn into a thousand-dollar investment. The incubator series allows our friends with podcast ideas to use our recording equipment and web infrastructure for a proof of concept before investing themselves. If you or someone you know may be interested, don't hesitate to reach out .


Hey Everyone, my name is Tom Greco. I’m a storyteller and I have a brand new Podcast called Salty Stories. More than ever, we need entertainment that helps us disappear into another world where we shut off our minds and experience total immersion. For decades, people have been telling me that I should be a professional storyteller. Normally, I would dismiss this stuff as good natured compliments. But recently I had a chance to be on a friend’s Podcast and shared a story about my Grandfather. It's a great set of moments, steeped in the history of World War 2. My story is on [Episode 4]( of their podcast, and it's worth checking out. I tell you though, that exercise of remembering and verbally sharing these moments in my mind made me realize how much I love Storytelling.. I love storytelling because you can so easily help someone relive a moment with you and now that moment is theirs. I learned storytelling when I was a kid, from my mom, who is still the greatest storyteller. Using her Italian-American heritage, her kitchen table and raspy smoker’s voice, my mom could entertain anyone by just spinning her favorite yarn. For over 2 decades I have kept that tradition alive by sharing stories with people at work, people I care about and spinning my own yarns. Now we want to take the best stories, about people and the things they go through while living life, and share them with you. The Stories that you will remember, the Stories you will want to retell to your friends. We call stories like that Salty Stories. So each episode, we are going to share a fantastic Salty Story with you. Many of these stories will be pulled from my life experiences and in time, we hope that you, our beloved listeners will share some story topics or even Salty Stories themselves that YOU want brought to life. So sit back, relax and listen to the first story on our list. This is one of my personal favorites and the salty story is called, “Loyalty is Blind”.

Stories From the Center of the Universe™ 2021