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Episode 98: Lyndee Cabo

Lyndee Cabo used to work with Paul and has wanted to be on the podcast since we first started.  Lyndee stated she is from Virginia, but told Paul that she moved around a lot due to her dad being in the U.S. Navy.  She moved around the states and also spent some time in Japan which she loved.  Lyndee spent the most time in Virginia, went to high school in Chesapeake and said she was a handful for her parents.  She talked about her dad and described him as a “bad ass” for what he did (EOD) in the Navy.  She also talked about the rest of her family … her mom, her sister (whom she has always idolized) and her brother who is ten years younger than her.   After high school, Lyndee took a different route than her friends and did some traveling and didn’t go to college until she was 23 years old.  She attended VCU and graduated with a BFA in Interior Design.  Lyndee worked for a tile distribution company and now has her own interior design company.  Lyndee said interior design is like “interior architecture” and she really likes the puzzle aspect of her job as well as putting herself in other’s peoples shoes and helping them figure out what do with their residential or commercial space.     She wrapped up by talking about the future in regards to her company and family. We chatted about her husband, Matt, who is seventeen inches taller than Lyndee and their daughter Gwendolyn.

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