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Episode 97: Caroline Stapleton

Caroline joins Paul this evening.  Paul and Caroline work together and she also works with Andrew Ting (Episode #40). Caroline was born in NC, but grew up in Beaufort, SC.  She talked to Paul about all the things she and her friends did and how she now realizes how incredible her childhood/teen years were because of where she grew up.

Caroline talked about the first vehicle she had and how she went to Duke University where she met her husband, Alex. She spoke about her dad, Steve, and the interesting business he used to have.  That interest skipped a generation and now her five year old daughter, Eliza, has expressed the same interest.

She also discussed how she and Alex have restored an 1840s house in Washington, DC and how both her siblings now live in DC as well. Paul also talked with Caroline about her time on a nationally televised baking show, Nailed It.  Caroline ended by talking about her whole big wonderful family … parents, husband and kids, siblings, closest cousin and her great aunt.

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