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Episode 96: Jeremy Moulder

Today, Paul is talking to Jeremy Moulder.  Jeremy is from Pensacola, FL where he grew up fishing, going to the beach and learning woodworking with his grandfather. He played football in high school which was the same school that Emmitt Smith attended.  After high school, Jeremy tried junior college while he was also getting trained as a fireman and EMT.

Jeremy decided that JUCO was not for him and coming from a family of patriots, Jeremy joined the U.S. Army.  He was going for the infantry, but the Army said no, you’re going to be a Combat Medic.  He attended basic and then spent time at Fort Sam Houston, Fort Lewis and Fort Benning. Jeremy did two tours in Afghanistan and talked about the different missions they were asked to perform while there.

After leaving the Army, Jeremy has now, with the help of a business partner and his wife, started a business called USA Flag Works.  Jeremy makes incredible wooden USA flags and can personalize them for his clients.  Jeremy ended by talking about his wife Madelyn who is his rock and their son Jake.  Madelyn joined him on the podcast for a couple of minutes and they talked about Jake and how he plays travel ice hockey.

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