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Episode 95: TJ Gwynn

TJ Gwynn was born in Chapel Hill, NC and grew up in Burlington, NC which is in Alamance County.  Basketball was the only organized sport he played until he got to middle school.  He started in recreation and then started playing AAU when he was 10 years old. In high school, TJ also played football and track, but he said that was mainly so he could hang out with his friends.  He did mention that it didn’t hurt to get out of school early as well!

Basketball was TJ’s focus though and at 6’4” in 9th grade, he was making an immediate impact on the court.  TJ said he was skinny, but tough due to his older brothers Brandon and Jamaal. He started to get noticed by colleges in 9th grade when his high school won the state championship and TJ was named the tournament MVP. TJ got a lot of interest and offers, but decided to take his talent to Virginia Commonwealth University.

At VCU, TJ had a very good career, but learned that college basketball was a business. Amazingly, and TJ believes he is the only college player to experience this, he had three head coaches during his time at VCU.  He discussed with Paul and Kevin the ups and downs of that experience.  TJ ended by talking about his family.

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