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Episode 93: Phil Stinnie

Joining the podcast is Phil Stinnie.  Phil is a former VCU basketball player and was connected to Paul through another VCU player, Lionel Bacon (Episode 81.) Phil talked about the bond that is formed by VCU players and how Lionel is his “little brother.”

Phil is from Charlottesville, Virginia and he discussed how his Mom had him when she was only 14 years old.  He was an only child, but they had a large extended family and he was like a little brother to his aunts and uncles.  His mom was tough, but had lots of love to give and this helped Phil go down the right path of life.

He discussed not really playing sports growing up and how he got a late start playing basketball.  He did not play AAU and college interest in Phil happened because of the hard work of his high school coach. VCU eventually won out because Phil said it felt like home.  He discussed his most memorable moment at VCU, getting drafted by the NY Knicks and his basketball career after VCU.

We ended by talking about his family.  He has two sons who both played college football.  Brian is a Medical Device Representative and Aaron is still playing football in the NFL … currently for the 2021 Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Phil gives credit for Brian and Aaron’s success to his wife!

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