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Episode 92: Jay Strath

Jay Strath joins the podcast thanks to a connection with guest host Kevin Flippen … they married into the same family! Paul, Kevin and Jay started off by talking about Jay growing up on a farm in eastern Henrico.  Jay said he worked on the farm a lot with his dad.  He said there was only one reason that his dad let him out of that work and that was sports.

Jay discussed with Paul and Kevin the change in culture in youth sports and how it has effected the kids, the coaches and the parents.  Jay believes you can see the difference today even in the professional ranks, specifically the NBA. Jay talked about his sports experience growing up and how one catch in a football game got some really big name programs interested in him.

Jay spoke about how he decided to attend UVA and some of the famous players he got to be around and play with during his UVA career. Jay finished up by talking about his sons Evan and Gavin, his daughter Taylor and being a dad. He answered the end of the podcast question from Kevin and had a final message which was, “Be good to your neighbor!”

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