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Episode 91: Dave Thach

David Thach (pronounced Tot) joins the podcast because of his relationship with Paul. Dave has been Paul’s barber for over a decade. Dave grew up in Maryland, but has called the Richmond area home for about fourteen years. Dave’s parents are Cambodian, but Dave considers himself Vietnamese. Dave spoke in Vietnamese and even taught Paul and Kevin a word or two in Vietnamese during the podcast.   Dave gave his parents a great deal of credit for his work ethic which he is in turn passing on to his sons. Dave has a barber shop in Hanover County and he stated he has a lot of loyal customers.  Dave, Paul and Kevin talked a lot of sports. Dave is a huge sports fan and is a Washington Football Team (he still calls them the Redskins) fan as well as an Orioles fan. Dave stated that Sports Center is the only thing on the TVs in his barber shop.   Dave also spoke about becoming a barber and his brothers influence on that career choice.  His philosophy on the art of being a barber is to “keep it simple.”  Dave talked about his wife Carrie (she’s not a sports fan), how they met and their two sons, Connor (12) and Carter (9).

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