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Episode 90: Frederick James Koch

Joining us from Australia is Frederick James ‘Jimmy’ Koch.  Jimmy and Paul were connected through John Watts who was the guest on Episode 50 of the podcast. Jimmy is a professional actor, musician and dancer.  Jimmy was born in Sydney, but currently lives in Melbourne.

Jimmy tells us about growing up in the “bush” of Australia. He recalls one particular encounter with a deadly brown snake during a game of hide and seek with his friends.  He talks about how he has traveled to some incredible places especially one amazing trip to Africa where he did a documentary on the Maasai people.

Jimmy also discusses how his love for the arts started at a young age and how he and his cousins would recreate Michael Jackson videos at family gatherings. He talked about his family including his dad who is a well known singer and how he inherited his stage presence from his dad.  Jimmy touches on his career, his journey as an artist and the difference between the arts.  He talks about his films and some pretty famous costars including his latest film Nightwalk with Mickey Rourke.  He ends by discussing the pandemic in Australia and his love for various types of martial arts.

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