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Episode 86: Lynne Hughes

Lynne Hughes joins us this week.  Lynne , with the help of others, runs Comfort Zone Camps.  CZC is a camp for people who are grieving.  It started out for kids and has now expanded in many ways.

Lynne has personal experience with the grieving process.  Lynne, who has 3 brothers, lost her Mom when she was 9 and her dad when she was 12. She lived at various places until she graduated high school and then she attended Michigan State University.  Lynne discusses how a lot of different jobs and experiences set her on the path to finding Comfort Zone Camps.  Because she lost her parents at an early age, Lynne believed that God thought she was special.  She always wondered what his plans were for her and CZC became her purpose in life.  Lynne talks about the ups and downs before, during and after she founded CZC.

Lynne is married to Kelly and they have two kids.  Evan just graduated from Virginia Tech and their daughter Jaime just finished her freshman year at VA Tech.

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