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Episode 81: Lionel Bacon

Lionel Bacon is our guest this week. He is a former VCU basketball player and the youngest of twelve children. Lionel discusses his childhood and growing up in the Beecher Terrace neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. He told us how he got to VCU (an amazing mom, God and the ability to play basketball). 

Lionel talked about his journey and how it has led him to a life of helping others. From his 20 years at the YMCA to his current position at the Virginia Home for Boys and Girls, Lionel is dedicated to helping people, especially kids. 

He told us about why he started competing in Spartan Races in 2018 and made it to the world championships the following year! We finished with Lionel telling us about his wife Christy and their three boys, as well as a very emotional chat about his dad.

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