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Episode 77: Intentionality

Boomer Muth is a musician, entrepreneur, and soon-to-be father, and this episode we heard his story.

At the tender age of 5, Boomer learned the truth about Santa in a way that will bring a tear to your eye and put hairs on your chest. In the 8th grade, he was a star Mathlete, and carries a love for math and music to this day.

An entrepreneur, he is the co-founder of a successful point-of-sale financing company called West Creek Financial. West Creek makes it easier for people to afford things they need, and has helped elevate RVA on the startup map. 

He is also lead singer and guitarist for the band Acoustic Underground, and tells us about chasing the rockstar dream and getting to open for bands like the Strokes. 

Not one to avoid tough topics, Boomer also reflected on his experience with divorce, and offered his perspective on mental health, including the impact COVID-19 has had on it.

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