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Episode 62: God Grew Tired of Us

"As one of the 27,000 ā€œLost Boys of Sudanā€, John Dau has experienced challenges that most people could never imagine. As a young man, he fled his home during the Second Sudanese Civil War, spending much of his adolescence as a refugee fleeing hostile militias, fighting against extreme hunger and thirst, and leading thousands of young boys just like him across hundreds upon hundreds of miles in search of safety.

Today, John Dau is a compelling motivational speaker whose life is defined by his uncompromised commitment to having a lasting impact on the future of his native country." [1]

In our conversation, John recounts his incredible story for us, and his activities since, including founding the John Dau foundation, which provides crucial medical and nutritional services to the citizens of South Sudan. To get involved and donate, please visitĀ johndaufoundation.org.

[1]Ā https://johndaufoundation.org/

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