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Episode 45: One Tough School

Mason New is a writer, teacher, business owner, and US Marine Corps veteran. As a kid, Mason was afforded an excellent education, attending a private boarding school and later studying at Washington and Lee University. However, feeling the call of service and yearning for more life experience, he made the unexpected decision of enlisting in the Marines in his senior year of college. His father, a major figure in his life, was diagnosed with liver cancer just after his enlistment, and made it to Mason's Parris Island graduation before passing away just a few weeks later. 

A lover of language, Mason earned his Master's in Liberal Arts from St. John's College, and went on to a 15 year teaching career before deciding to start his own e-learning focused company, NewVia. He writes excellent poems and blogs, and is hoping to write a novel someday. To tell us about all the above and quite a few things in between, here's Mason.

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