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Episode 33: My Sailor Dad

Ross H Mackenzie is a helicopter pilot, published author and a retired Navy man. He also happens to be Paul's brother-in-law. During his 20 year US Navy career, he interdicted drug shipments in the Caribbean and cruised in the Persian Gulf as a Seahawk (SH-60) helicopter pilot. His published works include Brief Points: An Almanac for Parents and Friends of U.S. Navy Midshipmen, My Sailor Dad, and My Soldier Dad. My Sailor Dad and My Soldier Dad are part of the Patriot Kids book series and the Hero Kids Project aimed at helping service-member families understand military service and all that comes with it. To learn more, please visit: herokidsbookproject.org. He is married to his wife of 25 years, Elizabeth (Buffy) Gilman Mackenzie. They have two wonderful teenage sons, Stuart (19) and Cameron (16). 

Pictured (from L-R) are Buffy, Cameron, Stuart and Ross along with their puppy, Mira.

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