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Episode 286: Stewart Verdery

Stewart Verdery joins Paul via a connection with John Hollis (Episodes 277 & 282). His family moved to the Richmond area when he was five and settled in Hanover on a fourteen acre farm that had had a long history. Paul learned of some very unique things that the Verdery family built on the farm in those early years. Stewart went to a couple of schools in the Richmond area before finishing his last three years at Woodberry Forest. He talked about his great experiences while there and his involvement with the school since he graduated to present. For college he went to Williams and then to the University of Virginia for law school. He and Paul talked about his extensive career in and around the U.S. government including being the first Assistant Secretary of Policy for the newly formed Department of Homeland Security. He told Paul about some of the politicians he worked for and how he started his own lobbying and public affairs firm when he left the public sector. They finished by talking about his wife Jenny and their three kids, Izzy, Chase and Jack.

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