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Episode 285: Ray Hedrick

Paul told Ray Hedrick that he completed the trifecta for him. Ray, as the Head Baseball Coach at Randolph Macon College, now joins Pedro Arruza (Episode 99) and Josh Merkel (Episode 154) of being on the podcast and representing the three major sports at RMC. They discussed RMC and the athletic success they have been and are currently enjoying. He told Paul that it is not just three major sports, but he mentioned softball, women’s volleyball, and both lacrosse teams amongst others. Paul asked Ray about growing up and discovered that Ray is from northern Virginia and was raised by his grandparents. He talked about playing different sports growing up and he then told Paul why baseball became his sport and why he loves it so much. Ray played at RMC and then held a few different positions in the college baseball world before landing the head coaching job at his alma matter at the young age of 29. Paul learned and was surprised by some of Ray’s daily activities as a D3 Baseball Coach. They finished by talking about Ray’s coaching philosophy and most importantly about his family … wife Sheree, daughter Maris and son Garner.

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