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Episode 284: Bravo Bakeshop - Liz Dillon

Liz Dillon joins Paul for Series 4, Part 2 of the Downtown Ashland Association and we are so happy to have her on the podcast! Liz is a native of Florida and grew up on a farm in a small community so it is no wonder that she told Paul that she loves Ashland. Liz and her husband have settled in Hanover and when doing so, Liz saw an opportunity to live out her dream and follow a true passion that she has had since she was a little girl and that was to have a bakery business. Along with her own hard work and planning, she went through the DAA Entrepreneurial Program and she won the Center Street Pitch Competition sponsored by the DAA. Paul learned the meaning behind the name as well as the type of baking Liz does which is very unique. She told Paul about what she’s doing now and they also discussed her future plans for Bravo Bakery. They finished by talking about what Liz likes to do when she’s not baking and about her three kids and one very special grand daughter who will be three next month.

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