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Episode 283: Barry Farmer

Barry Farmer comes to the podcast via a connection with Louise Keeton and the Downtown Ashland Association. Paul learned about what Barry knew about Ashland as a young person growing up in the city. They talked about his upbringing and how he was raised by his grandmother and what she meant to him. He discussed the close relationships he had with his siblings growing up even though they were living in separate houses as children. Barry told Paul about his volunteer work and how it has led to many opportunities including a job. They had a lengthy discussion about Barry’s three sons who he adopted and raised as a single father. They talked about Barry’s journey of adopting each boy and there was one unique thing about Barry and his sons that was discovered during their conversation. They also talked about Barry’s radio show, how it is growing (it’s syndicated!) as well as its relationship to Ashland and the DAA.

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