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Episode 281: David Thomason

David Thomason is the President of the Virginia Special Olympics and comes to the podcast via a connection with Rick Jeffrey (Episode 278.) David has been with the Special Olympics for thirty-seven years and has held many roles which prepared him to lead this amazing organization. They discussed his life path which has been very unique and full of many great experiences. He went to William and Mary, served in the Peace Corps and cycled across New Zealand. David told Paul about the many incredible places that he has traveled with the Special Olympics. He mentioned some of the famous people that he and the Special Olympics Athletes have met … one in particular on a trip to Dublin, Ireland. They also discussed the important role that music has played in his life. They discussed some of the incredible Special Olympic Athletes he has been around and what he has learned from them. They finished by discussing what he hopes to accomplish in the next few years with the Virginia Special Olympics as well as him telling Paul about his two sons, the pride he has in their many accomplishments and the difference they are making each day.

“If you’re not learning something, you’re not paying attention.” David Thomason

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