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Episode 280: Tyler Owens, Part 3

Tyler Owens is back for Part 3 which ties him with Jock Jones for being on the podcast the most! In the first two episodes, Tyler and Paul covered his childhood, his time at VMI and the beginnings of his time in the United States Army. They continued by talking about his mentors in life and about Ranger School. Tyler then described the sprint he went on for the next two and a half years which included Airborne School, getting his own platoon and being deployed. He talked about his deployment to Syria which was different at the time because most of the U.S. Forces there were Special Operations Groups. Paul learned the varied duties that his platoon performed in Syria and the two welcomes he and other soldiers got when they came back to the U.S.A. Tyler and his wife just got back from an incredible trip to South Africa and he talked about how they immersed themselves in the uniqueness of the country. They finished by talking about what Tyler is doing now, some of his future plans and his appreciation for being on the podcast.

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