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Episode 278: Rick Jeffrey

Rick Jeffrey and Paul met just three weeks ago when Rick was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. Rick was inducted primarily due to his work with the Virginia Special Olympics. Rick is from the Richmond area and played many sports at Douglas Freeman High School. He went on to play basketball at Hampden Sydney College and then did some coaching and was a referee after college. He then told Paul the story of how he got involved with the Special Olympics and how that has led to a piece of advice that he gives to young people. Rick spoke about the Special Olympics and how it is not a series of events, but an Experience. He talked about the Virginia Special Olympics and how it grew over the thirty-six years (22 as the CEO/President) he was associated with it as well as the incredible staff that he worked with on a daily basis. He told some amazing stories about several of the athletes and Paul learned about the incredible work the Special Olympics does in schools across the country.

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