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Episode 277: John Hollis

Pictured: John Hollis (R), The Nature Boy Ric Flair (L)

John Hollis joins the podcast via a mutual friend he has with Paul … Mike Woods. John is from Fredericksburg, Va. and grew up with two brothers and his Mom. He talked about his family especially his Mom who raised all three of her boys by herself. She ran a tight ship and John and his brothers were expected to excel in school or their extracurricular sports lives would suffer! John went to Woodberry Forest for high school and then went on to UVA. John told Paul about his time at Woodberry Forest and how it is directly linked to his success in life. They reminisced about their time at UVA and discussed some interesting things that John did while he was there. They talked about John’s career as a journalist and some of the amazing things he has seen and covered in his life. He told Paul about some of the famous people he has interviewed or just met throughout his career. John and Paul had a lot of laughs during this episode and John is scheduled to be back for a second episode.

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