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Episode 275: Rayne and Rasheed Wright

Rayne Wright and her dad/coach Rasheed join Paul to talk high school basketball. Rayne is a player on and Rasheed is the coach of the current Class 6 Virginia State Champions, Manchester High School. Paul talked to Rayne about her basketball journey from the beginning as well as what the future may hold for her on the hard court. They discussed what she loves about the game and Paul learned about what kind of leader Rayne is for her team. Paul discussed with both of them what the dad/daughter/coach/player dynamic is between the two of them and Paul discovered an interesting way they will communicate with each other at home and on the court. They finished by the three of them discussing the rise of women’s basketball in both college and the WBNA and the differences between the way the game is taught in Europe and the U.S.A.

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