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Episode 274: Laura Peery

Paul and the podcast travel to interview Laura Peery who lives in the Richmond area on the James River. Laura comes to the podcast via being friends with Debra and Steve Hall (Episode 264). They first talked about how her house on the James grounds her, is very peaceful and has lots of wildlife. Laura spoke about being a U.S. Army brat as she was born in San Francisco, but lived in Japan and Germany by the time she was six. Paul learned what her dad did in the Army and also about a fear she developed while in Japan. They moved to the Richmond, Virginia area when she was six. She attended the Collegiate School from second grade through high school. They discussed a major injury she sustained and how that helped her in one of her careers which involved a unique form of therapy. They talked about her college experience(s), her latest career as a realtor, how she is excited to be getting married in a couple of months and finished by talking about her three kids.

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