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Episode 27: Old Time Religion

Aaron Albrecht is an activist, thinker, and accomplished Old Time Missouri Fiddler. This episode, Aaron gives us the lowdown on his love for the deep tradition of old time music, an appropriately named precursor to bluegrass, folk, and country that goes back centuries. Ever the activist, Aaron also tells us how he led a forum on drone warfare while in college that culminated with a Keynote speech by Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff, COL (R) Lawrence Wilkerson, a prominent critic of the Iraq war and drone programs. Finally, if you are a purchaser of Amazon products, you'll be interested to hear about the year he spent working at an Amazon warehouse. 

Intro/Outro Song: "Down in Little Egypt" - Aaron Albrecht (fiddle), Sean Barth (banjo), Calvin Woodring (harmonica), Blake Korte (guitar)

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