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Episode 268: J. R. Wilburn

JR Wilburn is from Portsmouth, Virginia where his dad worked in the navy yards. He had a lot of friends in the neighborhood playing sports for much of his childhood. He started late with organized sports and football became his focus. He went on to play college football as a wide receiver at the University of South Carolina. JR talked about rivalries and how they both have some disdain for UNC. After college, JR was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills. He played for the Steelers from 1966-1970 with one of those years catching balls from Terry Bradshaw. He was coached by the legendary Chuck Noll. They talked about some Steeler greats like “Mean” Joe Greene, how great a place Pittsburgh was to play and their incredible fan base. Paul also learned a lot from JR about the Rooneys who own the Steelers. He told a couple really nice stories about them, one which involved his induction into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame. They ended with JR talking about his family and his unique grand dad name!

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