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Episode 267: Eddie Webb

Eddie Webb and Paul first met in September of 2023 when Eddie was inducted as part of the inaugural class of the Patrick Henry HS Hall of Fame. Eddie moved to Ashland when he was three because his Dad, Paul Webb got the head coaching job for basketball at Randolph Macon College. They discussed growing up in Ashland and how he played all sports, but how basketball became the focus for Eddie. He went on to play for four years for his Dad at RMC and then he started a twenty year college coaching career. Paul learned about some of the great players his Dad coached, that Eddie coached and how Eddie still keeps in touch with them today. After he stopped coaching in 1995, he became the Director of the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame which was located in Portsmouth, VA. He guided that organization to national prominence until he retired from there in 2019. They spoke about the basketball camps that his dad started in 1965 and how Eddie is still running them today fifty-nine years later. They finished by talking about his family and how they are what he is most proud of in his life.

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