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Episode 266: Carroll LaHaye

Carroll LaHaye is a legendary basketball coach amassing 647 wins during her coaching career at Randolph Macon College. Carroll was born in and mostly grew up in Maine where she was one of six kids. That led to lots of sports (basketball was her favorite) and competition growing up and she played three sports in high school and two in college. After college, she landed a job in Hanover, Virginia and after being a volunteer coach for RMC’s Women’s Basketball for a year, Carroll found herself in the right place at the right time. The head coach left the next year, she took over the program and Paul then discovered that the job had some extra responsibilities that Carroll had to take on as she started her time at RMC. They talked about their 2005 season when they finished 2nd in the nation and Carroll reminisced about her teams and the relationships she had with the players and their families.

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