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Episode 265: Dustin Ingle

Dustin Ingle was born in Arkansas, but grew up in Texas. Dustin and Paul spoke about growing up in the Fort Worth area of Texas and playing all the sports growing up, but settling on soccer in high school. After a couple of jobs, Dustin decided to go into the U.S. Army. Paul and Dustin spoke about his early training and then his first three deployments to Iraq and Paul learned just how different those three deployments were for Dustin. They talked about his progression and attending a specialized school that led to an interesting first six months of his second deployment. They briefly touched on his family and the surprise he got when he came home between his first two deployments. Dustin will be back in the near future for part 2 where they will discuss his deployment to Afghanistan and further discuss his family.

Stories From the Center of the Universe™ 2021