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Episode 264: Debra and Steve Hall

Debra & Steve Hall join Paul on the podcast because Bobby Malone (Episode 150) has the pleasure of being Debra’s brother! Steve and Debra talked to Paul about their first date, Debra not liking Steve, Steve being in love with Debra and how he finally won her over which has led to forty-six years of marriage. They talked about Steve’s time in the U.S. Army and how after getting out and a few jobs, he landed at Phillip Morris for thirty years. Debra was an educator in the Richmond School system and taught literacy and she told Paul how she still keeps in touch with some of her students. Paul also received a quick education from Steve on how to start a bourbon collection. They finished by talking about their home, their kids and grandkids and Paul learned about some uninvited guests that come visit Debra and Steve from time to time.

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