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Episode 261: Tyler Owens Pt 2

In Part Two of a now Three Part Series, Paul talks to Tyler Owens. They began Part Two by discussing what changed his mind to enter the military and joining ARMY ROTC at VMI his senior year. Tyler told Paul about the start of his military journey, a move to San Diego and how some blamed that move for his failed Army Physical Fitness Test (the last requirement needed to be commissioned as an Officer in the US Army). As you'll learn in this episode, there was a very good and scary reason Tyler didn't pass the test. He told Paul about the challenges of finally obtaining his commission, Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course at Fort Benning and his unique US Army Ranger School experience. Tyler finished this episode by telling Paul about his wife and their story, including first meeting her when he was only nine years old. Part Three is coming and they will wrap up the series by talking about more of his Army career, his overseas deployment and what he's up to now.

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