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Episode 250: Sonja Fridy Kinney

Sonja Kinney joins the podcast for the second time, this time for a full episode. The first time Sonja was on for a short interview when she was inducted into the Patrick Henry HS 2023 Hall of Fame Class. Paul and Sonja talked about what it meant for her to be inducted in the first class of the PH HOF. They then talked about her father-in-law Dr. John Kinney. Sonja spoke about growing up on Jamestown Road in Ashland and playing games and racing against other kids … and winning … even against the boys. They talked about playing organized sports for the first time in middle school and how the coaches came looking for her to ask her to join their teams. She talked about competing in Gymnastics and Track & Field in high school as well as going on to compete in Track & Field at the University of Virginia. After college, Sonja competed in the World University Games and the Pan Am Games as a member of the U.S. National Team. They ended by talking about her family.

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