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Episode 241: Dr. Clint Pearman

With Veterans Day a few days away, we wanted to share the stories of more military veterans. Dr. Clint Pearman is the first of three veterans we’ve spoken to recently. Clint is a thirty-one year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a holder of two doctoral degrees. Clint was born in Long Island, NY. Then his family moved to Florida when he was thirteen. He played a lot of sports growing up and then enlisted in the USMC when he was eighteen. He wanted to be a pilot, but became an infantryman and he and Paul discussed his career in the USMC. He currently works with people with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and is certified and a specialist in the area of TBI. They talked about his journey in education and how that has led to a never ending quest to learn. Clint finished by talking about his family … his very big family!

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