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Episode 22: The Merry Middlebury Pranksters

This is the story of the Middlebury Pranksters, an Ultimate frisbee team that left their home in Vermont's wintry north on a quest for the 2019 Division III National Title.  Giving us the rundown are the 2019 team captains: Alex Forde (The Eloquent), Asher Lantz (The Thinker), and Dylan Salzman (The Commander), who share the ins and outs of their journey, including injuries, rivalries, game-saving plays, mid-tournament food-poisoning, and above all, the hard work the team put in on and off the field. If you are new to the sport of ultimate, don't worry - the rules of the game are explained as we go. 

Pictured: 2019 Seniors, left to right: Asher Lantz, Alex Forde, Eli Wolfgang, Dylan Salzman

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