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Episode 200: Mary Crutchfield

Mary Crutchfield has led a “varied” life.

Mary is from Trenton, New Jersey, but from about age eight until twenty-one, she was living all over the world. Her parents were missionaries and Mary and her family lived in Kenya, Tanzania and the Philippines. Paul and Mary discussed her life abroad including her education and the fact that she had Malaria seventeen times! Mary moved back to the United States when she was twenty-one and she talked with Paul about her re-integration to life back in the states. She told him how she was lucky to have so many people help her including her aunt which led her to settling in Virginia. Mary is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and opened her business Leva Psychiatry about five years ago. She and Paul discussed mental health in general, the way she treats her clients and the crisis calls that were rampant during Covid-19. They finished the episode by Paul asking Mary some questions about mental health and with her telling him a little more about her family.

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