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Episode 195: Tim Lilly

Tim Lilly is a veteran, has a strong faith, loves his family and is in the first phase of retirement.

Tim grew up in rural southern West Virginia and then moved to the Huntington area for junior high and high school. He had a great and adventurous time as a kid leaving the house in the morning and coming home when it got dark. Tim told Paul that he decided to walk into a recruiters office one day. That started a 20+ year military career with ten in the United States Navy (followed in his dad’s footsteps) and twelve in the Army National Guard where he and Paul met. They chatted about serving together and about their mutual respect for each other. Tim told Paul about a couple other jobs he had after retiring from the military and how he just retired in December of 2022. Tim finished by telling Paul about his wife Cindy, their two sons Craig and Scott, their great wives and he and Cindy’s grandkids.

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