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Episode 194: Al Lester

This is Al Lester’s second time on the podcast. He was on Episode #32 with his friend and the Occasional Co-Host, Kevin Flippen. Al was born in Miami and grew up in a military household in Georgia. He had a unique experience through 8th grade while living on the base and then his family moved into town when his dad left the military. Al was a stand out athlete in all three sports, but football became his focus and colleges were recruiting him quickly after his junior season was complete. He decided to attend the Virginia Military Institute and he discussed his experiences at VMI. He told Paul and Kevin about his football career there as well as how he was treated as a “Rat” while being an athlete. The three went on to discuss his advice that he gives to his athletic daughters, the upcoming NFL playoffs and they finished by talking about his family. He’s been married to his wife Melanie for twenty years and they have two daughters, Ava and Maddie.

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