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Episode 193: Robin Dreeke

U.S. Marine, Author, FBI Agent, Podcaster and Father … a few of the roles Robin Dreeke has had in his life.

Robin grew up as an only child in Carmel, NY. He told Paul that it was a home with low economic status and some addiction, but one that had a lot of love. Robin said he became self-reliant when he started working the summer before middle school. He had fun growing up and told Paul that he enjoyed the “adventure of it”. He discussed never thinking of himself as a victim and how he believes in the dichotomy of life. After high school, he attended a year of prep for the U.S. Naval Academy and then he went to the USNA. Robin then went in to the United States Marine Corps and he and Paul talked about how to become a better leader. After the USMC, Robin became an FBI Agent and was in NY when 9/11 occurred. They discussed podcasting as well as his three books, what he’s working on now and how being a father has been his biggest influence. Robin finished by talking about his wife of 30 years, his son who is a U.S. Marine and his daughter who is a nurse.

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