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Episode 189: Ken Harvey

Former NFL player and Washington Commanders Ring of Fame member, Ken Harvey, joins the podcast.

Ken Harvey comes to the podcast via a connection with Jock Jones (Episodes 148 & 175) because they played in the NFL together. Paul started off by talking to Ken about his book, Stepping Stones, and growing up in Texas. Ken talked candidly about dropping out of high school, going back and then moving on to college. He had a very successful senior year in college and was drafted 12th in the 1988 NFL Draft by the Arizona Cardinals. He discussed his football path and how faith, finding his focus and motivation and hard work all played a part in his journey. Ken also told Paul about teammates that helped him along the way and how one of them, Terry Crews, became a good friend and the illustrator for one of Ken’s children’s books. They finished by talking about his wife and their sons.

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