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Episode 185: Pete A Turner

Pete A. Turner joins Paul via a connection with Jeff Bloch, aka Speedy Cop (Episode 173). Pete is from and lives in California. He told Paul about his adoptive dad growing up as well as just finding his biological father which has led him to having a whole new family. Pete talked about his interest in a musical instrument he got while growing up and his time in high school. After going to college, Pete tried to get a job in radio and television and he just couldn’t get hired. At 24 years of age, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and was in Counter Intelligence, essentially a spy for the U.S. Army. Pete and Paul discussed his career in the military as well as his time as a U.S. Government contractor and federal employee. Pete also hosts a podcast (Break It Down Show) and has had some great guests join him. They finished by discussing how he got started and when Paul asked him about some of his favorite episodes, he had a great response.

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