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Episode 184: Audra Becker

Audra Becker and Paul used to work together and she admitted that for a while, she was 50/50 on doing the podcast and telling her story. She joins us from Arizona where she was born and raised though she has a lot of family in Pittsburgh. She and Paul discussed how she never knew about daylight savings time until she moved to the Midwest for a while and she also told him what it was like growing up in Arizona. When she was younger, she participated in synchronized swimming and she told Paul about the interesting concoction they put in their hair for performances. They talked about high school and how she and her siblings were encouraged to go to college. She attended Arizona State University and talked about her early ideas of the businesses she wanted to start. Paul asked her why people visit or want to live in Arizona and she had a long list of reasons. In 2020, Audra was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Audra told Paul her story from how she discovered it, to her primary doctor’s misdiagnoses and getting the call that confirmed her worst fear. She continued by telling Paul about all that she has learned, her treatments and her incredible support system. They finished by talking about her husband Chad and their son Easton. She stated that she would not have made it through the last two years with out Chad.

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