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Episode 183: Stacie Straus and Acie Wyatt

Stacie Straus and Acie Wyatt are the first twins to be on the podcast. They are from Ashland and Stacie is still in the area. Acie lives in Charlotte, NC. Paul asked a couple of questions about being twins and then they discussed what sports they each played when they were kids. They then talked about playing sports at Patrick Henry High School (PHHS). Stacie played softball & volleyball and Acie played soccer and football. They talked to Paul about their fondest memories of growing up in Ashland and of playing sports at PHHS. They also discussed how their Mom got them involved in other activities such as music, scouts and church. Acie and Stacie both went to Hampton University where Stacie played softball and Acie played football. Paul asked them about how they ended up at Hampton and also if they knew what they wanted to do after school. They finished by talking about their jobs and their families.

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