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Episode 182: Nikhil Brahmbhatt

Nikhil Brahmbhatt and Paul know each other from working at the same company in the past and they talked about how they first met. Nikhil was born in Kalol, India and grew up in Ahmedabad and was the youngest of four children. Nikhil was a very good student and told Paul about a special skill that helped him a lot in school. While in school, he played cricket, attended cultural activities where he honed his dancing ability. Paul and Nikhil talked about cricket … the rules, the game, famous cricket players and the Cricket World Championships which started in 1975. Nikhil attended an engineering university in India and then went on to get his MBA as well as a CFA certification. Then in 1998, he moved to the United States and has lived in Georgia, Florida and now Virginia. Nikhil told Paul about attending college in the U.S. and some jobs he has had while here. They also discussed the caste system of India and finished by talking about Nikihl’s wife, Sejal and their son, Yug.

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