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Episode 181: Zach Gilman Turns 21

This episode is a celebration of Paul’s son Zach turning 21! Paul, his wife Lisa and their daughters, Lindsay and Melissa went to Blacksburg, Va. to visit Zach on his birthday weekend. Paul, Lisa and Zach started chatting and had lots of laughs about early and favorite memories from the time he was a toddler until his high school years. Lisa spoke about how being pregnant with Zach was pretty easy until the last 24 hours when he had a couple of surprises in store for his parents. Zach talked about his two younger sisters (Lindsay and Melissa) and he talked about his four grandparents. They next talked about his college journey from applying, to where he was accepted and how he ended up at Virginia Tech. Paul asked Zach what the plan after college was and Zach said the main thing was getting a J-O-B. He also put his parents on alert about a possible scenario that may happen in the next 6-7 years. Melissa joined the conversation and had a great story about her, Lindsay and Zach when they were on a family vacation. That reminded Zach of one other story that involved a vacation and a coconut, but he deferred to his Dad to tell the story. They ended the episode by wishing Zach a Happy Birthday!

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