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Episode 177: Dave Klisz

Dave Klisz met Silent Rob about twenty-five years ago and joins Paul and Rob on the podcast. Dave was born in California, but moved around quite a bit early on due to his dad’s job with General Electric. They settled in Virginia and Dave grew up in nearby Chesterfield and did BMX, skateboarding and played a lot of soccer growing up. Dave played travel soccer and his senior year in high school, he was captain for the soccer team as well as the place kicker for the football team at Manchester HS. Dave went to James Madison and told Paul why it was the best four years and two summers of his life. Dave majored in Sociology, minored in Criminal Justice and had an internship that would be a foreshadowing to what he would do the last ten years of his career. Dave’s career was in law enforcement and he talked to Paul about where he worked and he also had a couple stories to tell. Paul then asked Dave why would anyone want to run more than 2-3 miles? Dave is a long distance runner .. and we mean long distance! Dave has run 38 marathons, some of them being ultra marathons. They finished by talking about Dave’s own podcast and about his wife Monica and daughter Lucy.

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