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Episode 175: Donnie Morris and Jock Jones

On this episode, we have two repeat guests who are here together, know each other well, but haven’t seen each other in about twenty years. Donnie Morris (Episode #138) and Jock Jones (Episode #148) played football at Patrick Henry and Lee-Davis (now Mechanicsville) High Schools respectively and at the same time. They played against each other and their senior year they were the two best players in the state of Virginia. They reminisced about the rivalry between their two schools in all sports as well as the infamous Tomato Bowl match ups. Kevin had a list of rapid fire questions that he posed to both gentlemen and Paul added a couple as well. Kevin even had an epiphany about when he played youth football during the episode! Jock and Donnie gave some advice to kids playing today, talked about the NFL and what changes they would make to football as it is played today. They finished by exchanging cell phone numbers and agreed to see each other soon.

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