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Episode 173: SpeedyCop

Jeff Bloch, aka SpeedyCop, comes to the podcast via a connection with John Watts (Episode #50). Jeff grew up in New Jersey and New York and was the 2nd of nine kids. Jeff and his family did a mission trip to China when he was a teenager and they did some interesting smuggling while they were there. As Paul and Jeff were talking, Jeff relayed that he knew two things early in life - he was going to be in law enforcement and he loved cars. Jeff is nearing the end of a long career with the United States Park Police. He relayed a bit about the agency’s history, some interesting stories from his career and some of the famous people he has met over the years. Jeff is SpeedyCop (speedycop.com) and when he’s not working, he dreams up, builds, shows off and races his vehicle creations. Jeff is about to retire from the USPP and he told Paul that he will have a unique way of getting to work as he does SpeedyCop full time. They finished by talking about Jeff’s siblings, parents and his wife Jamie whom he called the love of his life and his rock.

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