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Episode 172: Ross Luck

Paul, Rob and Ross Luck have been friends since childhood. Ross grew up just outside the Ashland limits and growing up, he spent time going to Kings Dominion (later worked there) and the Hanover Country Club. He told Paul and Rob about playing a lot of sports growing up including a story about a little league baseball match up versus Paul. Ross said he had a couple hobbies growing up one which was a game he played with Rob when they were 10-11 years old. Ross played basketball and football in high school at Patrick Henry and he and Paul talked about some of his teammates. Ross attended the University of Richmond and told the stories of some of the great Spider basketball upsets as well a story or two about being in a fraternity at UofR. Ross majored in Business and after he and his dad Jack (Episode 139) talked, Ross joined the family business at Luck Motor Company in Ashland and has been there thirty-two plus years. We finished the podcast with Ross telling us about his family and we discussed playing 35+ Rec Basketball together and all the unique nicknames we had on the team.

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