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Episode 171: Kevin Mills, Part 2

Kevin Mills is back for Part 2. Paul and Kevin finished the story about Kevin being diagnosed with a tumor. Kevin went into detail about finding out about the tumor, the surgery and the first thing he said when he woke up. They talked about him going to college at VCU, what he majored in, sitting for the LSAT, but having a change of heart about what he wanted to do for a career. He is twenty-three (23) years into his career as a Richmond City Police Officer. He has been in patrol, special drug and gun units and has been a detective and K-9 handler. Kevin talked to Paul about many of these assignments and how overall, he has enjoyed his career. He told Paul a few stories including one where a guy, who was much larger than Kevin, tried to take his weapon. They talked about what is was like having a dog for a partner and Kevin’s narcotics dog, Sarik. They finished by discussing his fondest memories so far as an law enforcement officer, what his plans are after retirement and his family, especially his kids Peyton and Erin.

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